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Biotech company , Amsterdam, Netherlands

First Health Pharmaceuticals B.V. is a biotech company with its main offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Considering the groundbreaking nature of the RNA Helicase targeting technology, developed by our group, and the vast array of pathogens and malignancies that is targeted by our compounds, it will come as no surprise that many research groups worldwide, directly or indirectly, participated in the research in our field of interest. Some of these collaborations are based on a joint development agreement but most academic groups performed efficacy tests related to pathogens that fit their field of research purely for academic reasons. These collaborations are of mutual benefit. Our research group is the only one in the world that developed a large portfolio of small molecule DDX3 Helicase inhibitors, for use both as  antivirals and anti tumor agents. As such, many highly specialised research groups around the world are interested in testing our compounds, in order to gain more insight in the complex cellular RNA helicase biochemistry, related to the pathogens they are working on. We, from our side, also learn many new things about our field of research, but even in cases in which no direct benefit is to be expected for our company, we still aim to satisfy all requests that reach us from interested academic groups. Some of the academic groups which researched the biological activity of our compounds are mentioned below in alphabetic order. We would like to specify that these groups are not affiliated to our company and neither do we whish to make statements about, or make any claims regarding the outcome of the research in question. We express our gratitude towards each of these highly respected groups that tested or continue to investigate our compounds.

  • Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, NL/ HIV & Dengue
  • Erasmus Medical Center, Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL / HIV
  • ONCODE Institute, Utrecht, NL / Cancer
  • University Of Perugia, IT / Cancer
  • University Of Milan, IT / Kaposi Sarcoma
  • University of Cambridge, Virology division, UK / Norovirus
  • CNR - Italian National Research Centre, IT / HIV
  • University of Glasgow, UK / HCV
  • ISPRO & Istituto Toscano Tumori, IT / Cancer targets
  • Johns Hopkins University Hospital, USA / Breast Cancer
  • Nanjing Agricultural University, PRC / Japanese Encephalitis Virus
  • Institut Pasteur, Lyon, FR / Ebola virus
  • Rega Institue, KU Leuven, BE / Flaviviruses
  • University of Rome La Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, IT / Toxicity and metabolism
  • UC San Diego, USA / HIV, HCV
  • Academic Hospital of Siena, IT / HIV, Arbo viruses
  • US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, USA Ebola virus

First Health Pharmaceuticals B.V. has a special relationship with the Academic Hospital of Siena University in Italy who first developed the DDX3 Helicase inhibiting compounds that were subsequently licensed in by our company.


How to contact First Health Pharma

For inquiries regarding the activities of First Health Capital, First Health United or First Health Participations you can write to

You can visit us in our offices at Science Park 406 – 1098XH Amsterdam, but please make an appointment because with many collaborations around the world, we travel extensively

Tel:  + 31 20 303 19 21

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